The fish farm

    Acipenser covers an area of hectares located in the village of Ambatolaona, an hour and a half drive from the capital Antananarivo.

    Acipenser is a farm where everything was optimally integrated. We could guarantee a total control on quality. For it, we make a food made in Acipenser. The farm is equipped with a hatchery and a pre-growing and growing unit. According to farm stages, we have two production sites : a "land site" and a "caged site" in the Mantasoa lake.

    Fertilized eggs come from Europe and are incubated in our facilities. Each batch is sent with its CITES permits, complying with international regulations. From birth in our hatchery, an average of 7 years is needed before collecting the eggs that will give the future Madagascar Caviar.

    Each stage in the lives of our sturgeon requires constant monitoring and strict care. Respect for our animals is crucial to the quality of the caviar. Oxygen, temperature, and pH parameters are monitored daily by the staff and by electronic sensors. Careful observation of the fish in their environment is made every day and when they are weighed. All data is stored to enable complete fish stock traceability.

    Our sturgeon develop in large tanks made of stone worked by local stonemasons, giving an authentic, natural feel to the production site on land. Integrating the site into its environment is a basic requirement for Acipenser builders.

    The entire growing circuit is powered by gravity. Thanks to the natural dynamics of the river, our system does not use any hydraulic pumps and therefore no electricity.

    Atferwards, the fishes grow up in cages which we have designed by adapting at our farming condition. The fishing nets are made by the company. This allows to create a new profession.