Species produced

    Acipenser is currently producing two species:

    The Siberian sturgeon
    (Acipenser baeri)

    With its long snout and either brown-grey or grey-black colour, this is the most common species and a safe bet for production.

    In our environment, it develops in water with an average temperature of 21 ° C , which is perfect for its growth.

    Females produce their first eggs between the ages of 5 and 9 years, and we will prepare Madagascar caviar in our approved, European-standard processing plant.

    Its average-size grains (from 2.4 mm in diameter) give a caviar with rich colours ranging from brown to ebony black through anthracite grey.

    The Russian sturgeon
    (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)

    Also known as the diamond sturgeon, it is distinguished by its white, star-shaped scutes that contrast with the colour of its grey-green, or even blue-black, body. Juveniles are distinguished by their bright yellow bellies.

    Russian sturgeon caviar is known as Osetra or Ossetra Caviar. Its grains give a caviar from 2.8 mm in diameter. The colour has the distinction of being dark-to-golden amber.

    Huso Huso

    This Beluga sturgeon is the biggest and fattest of all the species. It also produces the best-known caviar, as it takes about ten years before its eggs can be harvested.

    Its large, pearly grey eggs are as attractive as their lingering, buttery taste.

    Acipenser persicus

    This long-bodied sturgeon hails from the Caspian Sea and produces excellent quality caviar. There are very few producers in the world who manage to raise this very demanding species.


    This so-called "bare bellied" sturgeon, due to the see-through stripe on its belly, is an innovative species in the caviar production. Originating from the Danube and mainly found in the Aral and Caspian seas, it is distinguished by its grey-blue skin and white scutes.

    Its eggs are smaller than the Asetra variety and their colour ranges from grey to brown. This caviar marks our desire to stand out from the crowd thanks to our original products.