Values : Demanding excellence

    Acipenser makes a point of honour of managing its fish farm through a sustainable development approach.

    In addition to its commitment to integrate the operating site into the environment, and the special care it gives to its fish, Acipenser takes an active part in the development of the Analamanga Region.

    It is currently providing daily work to over 200 people in the farm and around a hundred people involved in the construction site on land.

    It provides training for all fish-farm technicians recruited from the surrounding villages. This training enables us to convey our corporate values.

    Local cadres from the Tulear fishery and marine science institute are transferring their aquaculture skills to the newcomers.

    This is a great Franco-Malagasy team organized around the sturgeon.

    In 2017, Acipenser was awarded ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. Actually, the farm work on certifications ISO 26 000 and 22 000. This effort involves setting up de plans HACCP according to different sectors (hatchery, farm, manufacturing plant).